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Mount Dora Golf Memberships

Joining the Country Club of Mount Dora is like finding your very own slice of golfing paradise in Central Florida, minus the mythical dragons but filled with lush fairways as green as dragon scales! It’s where the sun smiles down on your backswing, the breezes whisper tips to nudge your ball closer to the hole, and the community feels more like a family reunion without the awkward small talk.

Here, every round is an opportunity to challenge your skills, improve your handicap, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow golf enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of a well-executed birdie as much as you do.

Plus, with exclusive member benefits and the allure of endless golfing adventures beneath the Florida sun, it’s practically a hole-in-one decision to join!

Fair way with trees

Golf Membership Pricing

Club Social $49 monthly

Social Membership | $59 monthly for Family

$49 monthly
Single Golf $394 monthly
$394 monthly
Family Golf $494 monthly
$494 monthly

Paid in Full


Paid in Full


Terms and Conditions

Please note: if a member resigns, there is a 12 month waiting period to re-join. However, you may choose to re-activate your membership prior to the 12 month waiting period by paying all back dues in full.
(Example: if a member resigns in September 31st and wishes to re-join in April 1st, 6 months back dues must be paid in full to make up those months, else they must wait a full 12 months after cancellation date to re-apply.)

Ready to Join?

Click the button to download our member application. There are no initiation fees! Simply fill out the form and mail or drop off your application at our club golf-shop.

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