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CCMD Policies

To ensure even Mother Nature doesn’t throw us off course, we kindly ask that you make any cancellations or adjustments to your reservation at least 24 hours in advance. Just give our golf shop a ring. Remember, booking fees are like lost golf balls in the water hazard—non-refundable.

Please Note: While we love a good solo adventure, twosomes and threesomes might find themselves paired up as if by magic, all at the discretion of our course wizards. Also, we reserve the right to tweak your tee-time by up to 10 minutes—think of it as our way of adding a little mystery to your game.

Got questions or need an ear for your concerns? Contact our pro shop. We’re here to ensure your experience is smoother than the perfect putting green.

Every now and then, we tee up some exclusive promotional offers that are too good to miss—like finding an extra ball in the rough when you’re down to your last one. To snag these deals during the checkout process, you need to be part of our club… digitally speaking, of course!

Here’s the secret handshake: Make sure you’re signed into your booking engine account. No account? No problem! Simply click the “Golfer Login” button lurking in the top right corner of the booking engine page to join the elite circle of deal-catchers.

Remember, signing up is quicker than sinking a 3-foot putt. Let’s get you ready to enjoy those sweet, sweet savings!

Dress Code Decoded: The Fairway Fashion Guide

Navigating the fairways in style isn’t just about avoiding the sand traps—it’s about looking the part while doing so! Here’s how to ace your golf wardrobe:

Gentlemen, Tee Up in Style:

Top It Off: Rock a collared shirt, turtleneck, knit sweater, or golf shirt with a collar. Just remember, like a good golf stance, your shirt must be neatly tucked into your pants.
Bottom Line: Tailored trousers, khakis, or Bermuda-length shorts are your best allies. Think of them as the caddies for your upper attire.
Ladies, Swing with Elegance:

Elevate Your Top Game: Choose from blouses, sweaters, golf shirts, or sleeveless shirts with collars. Ensure they’re tucked in with the precision of a well-aimed putt.
Skirts, Slacks, and Shorts: Tailored is the keyword, just like your golf strategy. Bermuda-length shorts, skirts, or slacks will keep you looking chic from tee to green.
Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid:

Leave the denim blue jeans for the clubhouse. On the green, they’re as out of place as a snowman on your scorecard.
Short shorts, cutoffs, tennis skirts, T-shirts, halter-tops, and tank tops without collars are better suited for the beach than the bunker.
Footwear Finishing Touch:

Step into spikeless golf shoes to keep the greens as smooth as your swing.
This dress code is in full swing at our practice facilities, driving range, and, of course, the main event—the golf course itself. Dressing the part is the first step to playing the part. Let’s keep it classy and golf-ready, team!

The 19th Hole Rule: A Refreshment Reminder

Just like a well-aimed drive, we need to keep our refreshment game on course. Here’s the scoop:

BYOB? More like “N-O”: Bringing your own coolers or alcoholic beverages is a bigger no-no than a double bogey on a par 3. It’s strictly off-limits, much like an out-of-bounds area.

Quench Your Thirst with Us: Hungry? Thirsty? Craving a snack? Our pro shop is your caddy for all things munchable and sippable. Plus, our restaurant is ready to serve you both before your round and during that strategic pause at the turn. It’s like having a clubhouse in your pocket!

Think of it as part of the course etiquette—keeping the fairways friendly and the greens gracious. So, let’s keep those coolers at home and raise a glass to good times and great golf, courtesy of our on-site offerings!

General Counsel said we had to stop with all the jokes…

But we are still excited to introduce our DYNAMIC PRICING strategy for tee time reservations, available exclusively through our website and over the phone when you contact our golf shop. DYNAMIC PRICING abandons the traditional fixed green fee, introducing flexible rates that adjust in real-time based on current demand.

This innovative approach empowers you to select the most suitable rate, offering you the freedom to choose a price that aligns with your budget and schedule. Experience the advantage of tailored pricing and enjoy the game at a value that’s right for you.

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