Discover Your Zen and Up Your Game at the Country Club of Mount Dora

A Deceptively Charming Challenge Awaits

Spanning a modest 6,571 yards from the back tees, the course at Mount Dora might tempt you into complacency. But be warned: its beauty is matched by its challenge. With water hazards gracing 16 of its 18 holes and sand traps lying in wait, every shot demands your utmost attention and strategy. Narrow fairways, lined with whispering pines, guide you towards elevated greens, each a test of skill and resolve. Yet, for those who navigate its challenges, rewards abound—not just in the joy of the game, but in the value it offers.

More Than Just Golf

Beyond the course, the Country Club of Mount Dora is a gateway to serenity and adventure. Just moments from the heart of Mount Dora, a town as charming as it is vibrant, you’re invited to explore its cozy restaurants, quaint shops, and the boundless outdoor activities that dot the landscape. And if the call of the city beckons, Orlando’s bustling streets, with their five-star dining, trendy boutiques, and endless attractions, are just a short drive away.

Everything You Need for the Perfect Golf Day

From the fully-stocked pro shop to the welcoming restaurant, every amenity at the Country Club of Mount Dora is designed to enhance your experience. The driving range awaits for those looking to warm up or hone their skills, ensuring that when you step onto the first tee, you’re not just ready—you’re inspired.

Leave the city’s hustle behind and step into a world where golf is not just a game, but a journey of discovery. The Country Club of Mount Dora is more than a part of the Orlando golf community; it’s a destination where every visit is memorable, and every round is an adventure.

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